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Manifest Up To Excellence
Meet the CEO

M.U.T.E. Solutions Inc was born from the vision of its CEO, Theresa Doughty, who grew weary of the confines of traditional jobs and the hustle and bustle of commutes. Theresa longed for the autonomy to set her own schedule while participating fully in daily-life activities. Fueled by this desire for freedom and flexibility, Theresa embarked on a journey of self-discovery and consultation, MANIFESTING UP TO EXCELLENCE!


The vision behind her creation of M.U.T.E. Solutions Inc embodies 'Manifest Up To Excellence' with a mission to provide a pathway to empowerment and liberation for individuals desiring to escape the confines of the traditional work place and enjoy the freedom of living while working! Our CEO stands behind her vision of excellence        establishing strong alliances and partnerships with top companies with the same goals. 


We stand with professionals that have been in business for over 20 years successfully connecting individuals with jobs that focus on their personal preferences.


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                      Theresa D

Working Remotely

M.U.T.E. Solutions 
for a Happier life!


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